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Project Roadmap

Thank you for trusting Memoir for Me to preserve your story! We hope you find the process of creating this book a memorable one. Since this is very much a team effort, here’s what to expect as we embark on this special project:


Step 1. Photos (WEEKS 1-4)

Project photographs should be ready at the time of our interview - this is to jog memories and remember important moments in your life that should be included in your memoir. Choose approximately 75-100 photos to span your life story. Label the back of the photo or rename the digital file with names (not Mom, Dad, Grandma – but NAMES) and approximate year. (Example: Nora 1977.jpg).


Images look the best in print when they are in focus with a high resolution. If digital, you are looking for a large file size. (ideally  > 1MB)


If you have hard copy photos, arrange with MfM for pickup during interview (if local) or ship to:


Nora Kerr/Memoir for Me

5449 W. Leland

Chicago, IL 60630

(Tracked and insured recommended)

All dressed up 1953.jpg

Digital images should be uploaded to your project’s Dropbox folder in the largest file size possible.


Ideas for photos include but are not limited to:


  • baby photos

  • parents

  • grandparents

  • with siblings

  • school years

  • involvement in sports or hobbies

  • early working years

  • wedding photos

  • baby photos of kids

  • whole family pictures

  • pictures alone with spouse

  • holidays

  • favorite vacations

  • recent pictures

  • grandkids

  • any other favorite photos



If in doubt, include it! MfM will select photos to fit the narrative of your story but you can always swap out pictures during the review phase.


Step 2. The Interview (WEEK 5)

Our interview experience is itself a hidden gift of this process and what makes us unique! MfM will record the interview for use when writing but the audio recording will be yours to keep. Optional video recording is also available! If this is of interest, please mention at time of interview booking.


Approximately a week prior to the interview, MfM will send a list of questions to consider, but no written or formal preparation is required. This list may not be followed exactly during the course of the interview but is used to get the conversation rolling and keep us on track. Families are welcome to contribute their own questions as well.


Step 3. Review Story (WEEK 8)

This is your story, so we do ask for your cooperation for the best end result! Within a few weeks of the interview, you will receive a draft story to review and edit. We ask for this review at this point to limit later rework once in layout. Any substantial edits will affect final page count and image placement so best to do it now!


If you have edits to send back, you can edit the document directly, highlighting changes using a different color or using the Track Changes function. You can also print out your story and make your edits with a red pen. Edit however is easiest for you, but make sure we can read them so they are incorporated correctly. Please review, provide feedback or approve within 1-2 weeks of receipt to keep the project on schedule.


Step 4. Review Layout (WEEK 10)

This is when you can see your memoir as it will appear in print! This second review should be quicker to confirm image choices, photo captions and dedications. This is also our preflight check before your book is off to the printer. Please review, provide feedback or approve within 1-2 weeks of receipt to keep the project on schedule.


Step 5. Enjoy and Share (WEEK 12)

A high-resolution digital flipbook will be emailed after preflight approval for you to enjoy and share right away. Printed books will be ready in 2-3 weeks and delivered with any original pictures. We hope that you are thrilled with this gift of a life story! Be sure to share it with others, including future generations who will appreciate learning about the people and experiences that paved the way for them. We hope this gift is treasured for years to come.

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