About Our Team


Nora Kerr

After graduating years ago with a creative writing degree (and writing her thesis on her family's gift of the gab!) and spending many hours in a darkroom, Nora started out in publishing and then worked for many years in IT. But in 2015, after a deeply personal experience preserving the story of her own father, she launched this business and returned to doing what she loves best: listening and documenting. She brings that same passion she had for her dad's project to every family and every story.


Andrew Morkes

Andrew has been writing for most of his life and is the author of more than 20 college- and career-planning books as well as a published poet. He joined the Memoir for Me team in 2016 but has worked with Nora for many years. After many years as an editor, Andy has an eye for detail and makes sure our narrative captures not only the stories but the voice of your loved ones perfectly so their life rings true on the page.

When not telling family stories, he authors the blog, Nature in Chicagoland, and enjoys spending time with his family.




After 20+ years, Natalie finally figured out how to combine her love for technology, photography, and family stories when she became a professional photo organizer in 2014. She joined our team in 2017.

Her enthusiastic and sometimes goofy personality brings so much life to our crew. She has the perfect eye for arranging your family photos to compliment our narrative and together tell the most meaningful story possible.



Moire Criomtainn lives in Ireland, where she writes novels and poetry and otherwise enjoys a quiet life in the countryside. She has been writing and teaching for more than 20 years, and is happy to be part of the Memoir for Me team.

"The book is beautiful! Our kids are reading stories that they've never heard before. We absolutely love it."