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About Our Team

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Nora Kerr

After studying creative writing (with a thesis on family storytelling) and spending hours in a photography darkroom, Nora worked in the publishing and IT fields. In 2015, she preserved the story of her own father, a pivotal moment that launched this business and brought her back to doing what she loves: interviewing people and celebrating everyday life stories. 


Since 2015, Memoir for Me has captured over 200 life stories and featured in the Chicago Tribune, the WGN Morning Show, and Windy City Live.

Nora is also a longtime member and Chicago-based leader for the Founding Moms, a network supporting entrepreneurial moms nationwide.



Nikki recently graduated from Wittenberg University with a major in English and a minor in Creative Writing and helps with transcription, marketing, and project management. When not getting lost in stories, she spends time with her cats and chihuahua and writes poetry on IG. You can find her @anothersunsettogether

"My favorite part is when husbands talk about their wives and family. They always seem to tear up and get emotional when they talk about how much they love them. It warms my heart! I’m eager to keep learning and excited to hear the stories to come! Everyone has a story and I can’t wait to hear yours!"

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After 20+ years, Natalie finally figured out how to combine her love for technology, photography, and family stories when she became a professional photo organizer in 2014. She joined our team in 2017.

Her enthusiastic and sometimes goofy personality brings so much life to our crew. She has the perfect eye for arranging your family photos to compliment our narrative and together tell the most meaningful story possible.

Intern/Operations Assistant


Tiana is in her final year at Wittenberg, where she is majoring in both English and psychology. She enjoys reading and writing about nature, mental health, and spirituality. In her free time, you’ll find her lacing up her hiking boots or picking up a new craft. 


“I really appreciate how lessons seem to weave their way into each person’s story. Everyone has a unique perspective on life, and each person comes away from each experience with a different point of view. I think that’s what makes hearing the stories of others so valuable.” 

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"The book is beautiful! Our kids are reading stories that they've never heard before. We absolutely love it."

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