Gift Options

We have gift packages for every reason.

Legacy Package

Great for a family with a lot of life to cover! Perfect for group gifts, retirements, and more thorough legacy preservation. Includes:


  • 6 hours of interviews

  • video files of the interview

  • audio files of the interview
  • up to 50 pages original story 

  • photo retouching and restoration

  • premium keepsake album with thick, layflat pages

  • leather embossed or foil stamped cover
  • high-resolution digital flipbook


Milestone Package

​For an in-depth life story, couples or sibling book. Perfect for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Includes:​​

  • 4 hours of interviews

  • audio files from interview

  • up to 40 pages original story

  • photo retouching and restoration

  • upgraded book with thick,
    photowrap cover

  • high-resolution digital flipbook


Celebration Package

An introductory gift to life preserving to highlight special and defining moments. Perfect to celebrate birthdays and holidays. Includes:

  • 2 hours of interviews

  • audio files of interview

  • up to 30 pages original story

  • photo retouching and restoration

  • classic keepsake book with matte paper pages, photowrap cover

  • high-resolution digital flipbook


Extra Books​

Celebration (classic) book: $125*
Milestone (layflat) book: $175*
Legacy (premium leather layflat) album: $300*
(Pending final page count)