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Bill V.

Denver, CO

After months of working together, we are thrilled with the finished product and appreciate everything you've done to make this possible. It's such a beautiful memoir, one which we will be proud and excited to share with family and friends.  

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Brian R.

New York, NY

I am blown away. My wife was in tears by page 2! I love the heavy lean into the historical aspects of their lives. This will be an immeasurable tool for educating our future generations about their past history.

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Marissa E.

Lake Forest, IL

I finally saw the book today and just read it cover to cover. I love it! You did a great job weaving stories of the man and the career and the finished book is beautiful.


Mike L.

Chicago, IL

This has been an incredible experience. It was fun to reminisce about the old days and honor past generations through stories. Thank you!

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Miriam L.

New Rochelle, NY

The book is beautiful! I love reading it. It reminds me how incredible my parents truly are.


Patricia G.

Wilmette, IL

I'm so grateful that my children had this book of my life made for me. I will treasure this gift as one of the most memorable that I have ever received.


Kitty F.

San Diego, CA

He loves it! Thanks for all your efforts. This was a nice surprise for Father's Day.

Lisa B.jpg

Lisa B.

Prairie View, IL

Major problem- opened the preview at work and  😬😭😍
Instant tears! Such a beautiful life! You captured it perfectly. 


Kim K.

Cedar Falls, IA

We just received the books--they are amazing! My mom called me crying as she had just read the dedication. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to walk her through this.

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Rich/Maureen C.

Houston, TX

Interviews were both professional and comfortable—Nora's patience was outstanding. Her writing style was informal, clever and filled with stories expressing the genuine sentiments of our family. The end result was a beautiful family history written through a humorous prism. We will treasure this book and hope our grandchildren, great-grandchildren & more get to read it to get a glimpse of where they came from. 

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Susan H.

Long Island, NY

Rob and James presented me with my memoir on Christmas morning. I will cherish that gift forever.

Cathy gift.jpeg

Rachel F.

Deerfield, IL

Gave the book this past weekend and it was beyond a huge hit. Already been read a million times and sobbed and reread. Thank you! It’s perfection.

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Maria C.

Ann Arbor, MI

We received my parents' memoir book and everyone loved it!  It's beautiful - the leather cover looks and feels wonderful. I truly believe this will be a gift that will be appreciated by them, but also by many other people in my family for years to come.  Thank you so much for crafting such a unique and meaningful gift and guiding us through the entire process with patience and care.

Leslie O.jpg

Leslie O.

Westchester, IL

I am stunned. What an honor for us to have our lives spelled out so beautifully. Thank you so much--it is amazing proof of the lives we have lived.


Rob G.

Glendale, CA

OMG that was fabulous! You really nailed it and I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

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Jen N.

Wheaton, IL

Nora, she loves it, we all do! Thank you so much for creating a gift that will last many lifetimes. Highly recommend.


Gayle S.

Chicago, IL

What a delight to learn new details about my mother's life that could have remained untold. Our whole family had a ball gathering photos and remembering stories that hadn’t been shared in a very long time. The memoir will grow in significance for years to come, I’m positive.

testimonial Summer.jpg

Summer S.

Winfield, IL

Thank you for writing this memoir for our family so we can learn more about the experiences that resulted in the wonderful person we have the privilege to call Dad.

I love what you are doing with Memoir for Me and I love how you do it.

Garrido web.jpg

John G.

Chicago, IL

This book about my life is an amazing, unbelievable gift. It is priceless and left me speechless.

Gillard gift.jpg

Mary A.

Wilmette, IL

I am laughing and crying at the same time!!!!  Love, love.  So beautiful.  THANK YOU!!!

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Katie P.

Chicago, IL

I purchased this or my Dad for Christmas and it's the most meaningful gift I could've ever gotten him! It was a fun process to see my dad's interview and then see it translated into words and a book. This is something that my entire family will treasure. A truly amazing idea and company!

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Patricia O.

Oak Park, IL

You exceeded our expectations and I cannot thank you enough. What you do is very special.

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April U.

Chicago, IL

Nailed it!!! It is the greatest gift he has ever received. I can't thank you enough.

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Mary Pat W.

Chicago, IL

This book is literally priceless! I would highly recommend Memoir for Me to anyone looking to preserve family history and invaluable memories.

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Meghan & Catie L.

Chicago, IL

Memoir for Me created the perfect tribute to my father. Now his stories will live on forever in this book!

The book you created for our father is a treasure that will be passed down through the generations. Pete's stories will come to life for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren because of your gift for telling them. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Jem B.

London, UK

The business interview was very motivating actually because talking through my business story helped me to realize that I have achieved a lot and that there is this recurring theme in my career path. I always wondered myself what makes me different? What’s my unique selling point? This experience helped me to answer that.

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Dwight E.

Lincolnshire, IL

Memoir for Me books are simply incredible!!! I’m a huge fan of what Nora does, and how she does it.

J and J.jpg

Janice D.

Naples, FL

You have been amazing to work with, patient and caring enough to get every detail correct. I can tell you love what you do and wish you much success!

Mon web.jpg

John M.

Waterloo, IA

Memoir for Me was great in working with my parents step-by-step. They aren’t necessarily used to technology but Nora was able to accommodate everything and guide them through the process. The result is a memoir that will be a keepsake in our family forever. I am so happy that we were introduced to Nora and her company.

Kelli C Testimonial.png

Kelli C.

San Antonio, TX

They went above and beyond to capture my parents' life stories. Nora was patient, but kindly persistent, which is absolutely required to get a project like this done! It is worth every penny and minute we spent--I highly recommend.


Jessica C.

Woodstock, MD

I received the book last night and it looks beautiful! Thank you again for all of your work with this project.

Debby F.png

Debby F.

Bedford, NH

The book came today and it is fabulously gorgeous! Thank you for all of your hard work: there is no way I would’ve ever had the patience to put together anything close to what you did. You are indeed a maker of memories. This is a book our family will treasure for years.


Bob G.

Glendale, CA

The book was a big hit! Really well done and my dad was very happy with it (and glad his brother and I gave him the “push” to get it done!

John B_edited.jpg

John B.

Chicago, IL

I received my book before Christmas as a birthday gift. It is wonderful. I read it by the fireplace that night, sipping a good scotch. It was slow going as each page and picture took me back! Thank you so much for your fine work, which becomes more apparent each time I pick it up. The dedications were indeed a surprise and brought tears to my eyes. Finally, the cover was so nicely done. Guess I can’t say enough about the results.

Alan S.JPG

Alan and Cindy S.

Edenton, NC

The books are in hand and we couldn't be happier with your work, the process and especially the result! They will be priceless to us and our family.

mothers day2.jpg

Vicki A.

Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for my beautiful book. You did a wonderful job. Keep writing these memories down for others!


Fran F.

Chicago, IL

Mom just passed away on Wednesday night and I’m so happy I have a book of her stories.  I’m now thinking of all my friends and relatives that have parents still living and sharing your information with them.  I wish I would have had a book done about my Dad! Thank you Nora for the beautiful keepsake. 

Craft gift1.jpg

Erin M.

Chicago, IL

You know what my mama's so happy about in this picture? Opening up the book she collaborated on with Memoir for Me. We may remember the stories or the milestones, but now we have documentation of the details. How many times my dad asked her to marry him before she said yes. What she did to overcome her feeling of isolation as a SAHM of three in the 70s. What a badass she was going back to law school at night when we were so small. And where she's traveled all over the world—with my dad, with friends, with us. Highly recommend!


Kathy G.

Cleveland, OH

My mother and aunt loved the books! Thank you for creating a treasure for our family. I'm so glad we did this.

victoria h.jpg

Victoria H.

Chicago, IL

On small business storytelling: It was lovely to reconnect with why I started my business in the first place. Thank you for helping me to cut through the noise!


Ryan K.

Lake Forest, IL

I just ordered a book for my folks from Memoir for Me and it turned out fantastic. They put so much time and effort into their books and it shows. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a family keepsake that will last for generations.

Kate SM.jpg

Kate J.

Niles, IL

Thank you @memoirforme for your hard work and creativity creating my Dad’s memoir. We all love it and I’m so grateful my son and nephew have this to remember his story. 💓

Lidia SM.jpg

Lidia P.

Chicago, IL

What a beautiful memoir you put together of my 90 years. The pictures and flow is perfect. My family and friends really enjoyed seeing it at my party. It will be a generational treasure!


Meredith D.

Arlington Heights, IL

My parents were initially intrigued and apprehensive about having this done for them. They didn’t think they had much of a story to tell. Turns out, they had quite a bit to share! Thank you, Nora, for such an inspiring and lovely way to capture their stories. The process couldn’t have been easier.


Kate H.

Wilmette, IL

Thank you so much for your patience throughout this process. I can’t wait to give all the grandchildren this book! You do an amazing job! 


Maura F.

Naperville, IL

Thanks so much for creating this wonderful book of family memories. My grandparents and parents are smiling in heaven!

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Pat M.

Orland Park, IL

I wanted to say how much we enjoyed the book. It is beautiful! Our kids are reading stories about things that they never heard before. Thank you for all your hard work compiling and organizing, your attention to detail and patience with us. We love it.

Laura P.jpg

Laura P.

Chicago, IL

It was a beautiful experience -- so powerful. I can't thank you enough for introducing this idea to my family.

J and J.jpg

Tara S.

Chicago, IL

I am crying I love the book so much. I am so glad we did this. Thank you for starting this company!

J and J.jpg

Joe S.

Chicago, IL

Nora's writing style and interviewing skills truly captured the essence of who John was and the impacts he made over a career. The editing and organization were masterful. The entire experience was seamless, and your collaboration to create the best possible outcome was truly appreciated. 

J and J.jpg

Katie H.

Chicago, IL

Love it!!! This is exactly what I had in my head. Thank you for making it reality. It is so hard to put all of your thoughts, memories and feelings together. I mean how do you convey 40 years of love and support into a book? This is exactly what I had hoped for. 

J and J.jpg

Michelle P.

Chicago, IL

The book looks fabulous, the pictures are priceless and the words capture how FULL of life J. was for almost 33 years. You can feel his indomitable spirit rising from the pages.

J and J.jpg

Jan D.

Orlando, FL

Spotted some tears while reading his book. A job well done! 

J and J.jpg

Erin & Suzanne E.

Lincolnshire, IL

My mom and entire family adore the book. Thank you again so much or doing it! It really captures who she is and we all love it! 

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