About Our Process

Step 1:

The Interview

Tell us who we are celebrating and why! We will book interview time at your convenience, and can conduct sessions in person, via computer, or over the phone. It’s like having a chat with a friend you’ve never met! We ask the questions that uncover stories from you or your loved one’s past, perhaps never discussed or documented. Our interviews have been called therapeutic, enlightening, and a lot of fun. This is the heart of our process.

Step 2:

Story Creation

Each story is curated thoughtfully from recorded interviews. No templates here.

Step 3:

Story Review

You get a sneak peek! We will incorporate any requested changes because this is YOUR story.

Step 4:

Photo retouching and layout

Each page is personally designed to create a one-of-a-kind gift. Image restoration is included in all our packages. 

Step 5:

A Final Sneak Peek

Review the digital book and confirm your album style.

Step 6:

Delivery Date

Each Memoir for Me album comes delivered in a beautiful gift box and truly showcases all the love that went into this present of a lifetime. Grab the tissues because you and your loved one will probably shed some tears—and kids and grandkids will love revisiting for years to come. Our digital flipbooks make sharing with friends and family easy.

"I purchased this for my Dad for Christmas and it's the most meaningful gift I could've ever gotten him! It was a fun process to see my dad's interview and then see it translated into words and a book. This is something that my entire family will treasure. A truly amazing idea and company!"