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Celebrating Women's Stories

March is Women’s History Month, and over the last year, we’ve had the privilege to interview a variety of influential women. From taking care of a lively home, donating to different charities, volunteering their time to vulnerable communities, and taking on the role of mother and grandmother nurturing the next generations, each woman we interview has a story worth celebrating. So many of the women we meet are helpers. They open schools, become pioneers in their chosen careers, and donate money, time, and effort where there is need. Enjoy these stories from recent interviews that capture the impact of everyday, amazing women.

mother-daughter volunteering
Sharon M. with her daughter volunteering

Sharon M.

In 1970, Sharon opened an in-home daycare that she operated for 40 years while also raising four of her own children. After struggling with bullying in her own early childhood years, Sharon prioritized values of kindness and respect in her daycare and spreading compassion outside of her home.

“I’d do another 40 years If I could. I love kids and I wish I could still do it. No matter what kind of day I was having, seeing the kids always made it better. When a child walks into your house and gives you a hug, everything else disappears. Everything that comes out of their mouth is so innocent. I love watching them learn, seeing how they play, and their pride over building a castle or racetrack or whatever they could imagine out of my wooden blocks. Many adults see a jumbled mess, but to them, it’s perfect, and it really is.”

In addition to the children she cared for in her daycare, Sharon and her husband went on to foster 15 different children throughout the 1980s and early 90s. 

“My kids loved every child we brought into this house. We fostered siblings, and the youngest was this tiny porcelain doll of a child. She was malnourished and at 16 months, weighed less than 20 pounds! If I got a tablespoon of food in her mouth I was elated. She grew bigger and stronger and the two of them became little mascots of our town. Everybody loved them so much! We have stayed in touch and still talk on the phone a lot. It was a lot of work, but it was all worth it.”

Corinne surrounded by her family.

Corinne M.

Raising children was a full-time job for this mother, who dedicated her life to her family while still finding time for community causes.

“I had 9 children over the span of 22 years. I was 45 and pregnant with my youngest at our oldest son's college graduation. They all grew up to be very different. We joke that we had 9 ‘only’ children, each a unique, unrepeatable gift from God.”

Corinne taught religious education to young people and helped form the first parish council at her church. She worked to build neighborhood support for a group home for people with disabilities, and pushed for a shared neighborhood bike path. Even when she received pushback for her ideas, Corinne got the job done!

“A lot of people didn’t want these resources in their backyard because they worried it would ruin their property values. I fought for public access to the shoreline and ironically it is now a value-add to properties located along the scenic path.”

Dr. H - an inspiring woman we interviewed in 2023
Urmil holding her award

Urmil H.

A pioneer in her work as a GP and OBGYN, Dr. H became a senior partner at the Cumbernauld Health Center and created one of the first clinics to focus primarily on women’s health and wellness. In 1988, Dr. H. was selected as one of the top doctors in the United Kingdom and received an National Health Service Award for her efforts.

“Now there are many such clinics, but we were one of the first. It ran 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and I worked really, really hard for 42 years. I saw patients and their children and grandchildren, even fourth generations sometimes! Many of my patients were from lower socio-economic groups, including girls pregnant at 15. To those patients, you are more than just a doctor. You see and hear everything and build a close relationship.”

Dr. H’s career success led to several donations to nonprofits to cover the costs of schooling and medical treatments for children abroad.

“My husband and I sponsored many children from India over the years. We helped at least ten children go to university and they would send us letters and photographs. That was very meaningful to us both. We are lucky. Here in the U.K., medical treatment is free, but help is required in poorer countries. For example, cancer treatment is very expensive in India. It was the least we could do.”

Chances are, you know several women that make the world a better place through their everyday actions. This month, take some time to appreciate these amazing women in your life and ask them about how they made their way. They will be honored you asked, and you may find some new inspiration!


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