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Healthy Competition

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

We all have those moments when our confidence shakes a bit. We compare ourselves to others. We question our beliefs and ways of doing things.

I’ve recently let business competition do this to me. These companies use much of the same language that I’ve used for years, but they promise to deliver it all on a shoestring budget. Their websites look slick and their sales look appealing. I have to be honest—it shook me up. I thought, well, five years was a good run.

Then I dug deeper. Because I know the hours that go into a life story project, I asked myself, how can they do that for $79?

Put simply, they can’t. In order to offer these low prices, they automate. They systematize. They template. We happen to think that your life story deserves better than that.

If you’ve worked with us, you know that our books are custom made and designed, crafted to match the beauty and uniqueness of your life.

If you’re local to Chicago, we will come to your house to hear your stories face-to-face. This isn’t a place for technology. It’s a place for connection. For follow up questions and digging deep. We know that it’s much easier to talk about personal stuff to a person, in person. It’s hard to describe what happens in that time, but walls come down, tears and laughter are plentiful, and by the end, we’re hugging and promising to stay in touch long after this is done. For clients outside of Chicago, we host unrushed video calls, because a good interview takes time and eye contact.

So perhaps a little competition is healthy. It’s reminded me what we do well and made me double down on our promise to deliver the highest-quality gift and an experience you will not forget.

To my past clients, thanks for the continued support. Your referrals are our best advertising! To any future clients out there… I can’t wait to hear your stories. Drop me a line and let’s start your project today.


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