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The Summers are Short

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

September is here which means kids are back to school and my house is eerily quiet, aside from my dogs’ constant barking at everyone who walks by our front window. Like every year, I was eagerly anticipating getting the kids back on a regular schedule so I could regain control over mine. But this year, I also feel a bit sad. The changing of the seasons leaves me a bit melancholy about the steady progress of time, realizing that my kids will soon be off with their friends instead of hanging out with Mom & Dad for much of their break. In this line of work, I know all too well about the moments people look back on as their favorite days. In fact, I’ve written about it. The thought is not far from my mind that I very well may be living those days now.

Summer is much like childhood, in that“the days are long, but the years are short.” Summer 2019 included many busy days when my husband and I were crawling into bed shortly after putting the kids down, completely wiped out after trying to keep up with them in the hot sun. I hope I remember how hard it is to apply sunscreen and ensure proper hydration of a moving child. Or how proud I was when my cautious son learned to ride his bike. Or the look on my daughter's face that rainy Florida afternoon when she met her idol, Cinderella, and couldn’t speak.

I can only hope that I have the opportunity to take a long look back on these days someday with the gift of wisdom and perspective only earned through age. Time marches on. So how was my summer? Instead of saying, thank god that’s over, I’ll say that we really enjoyed our time together, because we did. Hope you enjoyed yours, too.


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