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Two Sides to Every Story

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

elderly couple smiling
One couple, two different stories.

I love capturing the life story of a couple. I take down their tales separately, so they each get the time and space to share their own experience. We start with their childhood and young adult life before meeting their spouse, but what intrigues me is what comes next.

Their first impressions of each other, falling in love, and even stories around the proposal and wedding often differ. The years that follow living under the same roof and raising the same kids can sound like two different books altogether. One may remember some events and forget others that their spouse readily recalls. Or they remember the same event, but tell it so differently, it’s like reading a sequel.

I think it’s a perfect summary of life! We are all unique, and so is our perception on the things that happen to us. The same set of ordinary experiences can be told in two entertaining ways, simply because they are told from two different voices.

These couples inspire me. They are one in marriage, growing old together, sharing a life, a mortgage, and countless meals together, but they are individuals still the same. Separate, but complimentary. Happy Valentines Day to all you amazing couples out there. Embrace your differences, and tell those beautifully divergent stories to show how our zigs and zags can fit together into one beautiful puzzle!


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