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Family Legacy Gifts

The stories of our parents and grandparents can give us insight into our own! Capture the stories of older generations for the benefit of the new ones to come.


What was Grandma like as a mom? What was Dad like as a child?


Discover the stories of the people who came before you and uncover the experiences that can form a family along the way. This is the legacy of storytelling.

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Anniversary Gifts

Do you know the stories that led up to Mom and Dad saying I do? Capture their lives before their union and then celebrate their anniversary with their together stories, told separately. It's great to hear a couple's story told from both perspectives! What highlights do they remember? How did they lean on each other and how has their relationship changed over the years? What advice do they have to share with future generations? Honor them and treasure their story forever!

One-third of your life is spent at work! If you're lucky, you love your job or the people with whom you work! A career is full of stories worth saving.  Create a special keepsake for a favorite client, employee, or retiring executive. 

We can interview teammates, clients or colleagues to sum up the impact a celebrated retiree has on an organization. Combine that custom story with work photos, handwritten notes, and other memorabilia, and you have a gift they will never forget. It's more powerful then a pen or plaque!

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Retirement Gifts
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Life Story Workshops

Are you looking for unique programming for your group, coworkers, or school? We host seminars and workshops on the power of life stories, what they have to teach us, and how the power of personal storytelling to further your group or organizational mission. 

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Tribute Gifts

We believe it's never too late to capture a life story. A life described by the people who knew and loved them best is a beautiful tribute and captures those stories often told through laughter and tears. Put those memories into words and pictures for future generations!

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We know behind every small business is a story, because it is founded by passionate people. Those stories matter and will connect with clients on a very personal level. Let us ask the questions and craft the copy that will take your marketing to the next level.

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