Book a Listening Date with a Loved One

You think you know your parent, child, spouse, sibling, or best friend, but do you really? Do you know their stories? Show them you're interested in their life over brunch, asking the right questions and actively listening. The interview itself will become a memory you won't soon forget. 


You'll learn things like...

  • What was the worst thing they ever did?

  • What were they most proud about?

  • Would they do anything differently?

We'll give you options on preserving these stories and leave you and your loved one more connected and closer than ever. Isn't that the best gift money can buy?

Everyone Has a Story: A Life Story Workshop


Do you want to capture your own life story? Or do you run an organization and want to encourage your residents, members or team to tap into their own stories? We can help! 


This workshop will answer questions such as...

  • Do I have a story? (Yes, you do.)

  • What should I include?

  • What tools do I need?

  • How do I get started?

Have fun and share memories probably not thought about in ages. You'll leave inspired to continue this important life work. Whether you're a writer, a historian, a storyteller, a photographer, or a comedian, this workshop is for you!​

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