Memoir for Me | Preserving Memories
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Everyone has a story...

How do you sum up a life under 50 pages? By highlighting the poignant moments, funny stories, and special photos that sum up what life is all about: childhood, culture, love, military service, raising kids... life challenges and how we overcome them. 

These are the unifying experiences that should be celebrated, captured and shared with future generations. These are the stories that come out in our unique interview process used to create one-of-a-kind keepsake albums that your family will treasure, pass down, and revisit for years to come.

Everyone has a story.
Keepsake books crafted from personal interviews to preserve the stories that matter.

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We can work remotely!

We've transitioned most of our signature interviews to the phone or computer.  (We've been doing this already with our long-distance clients.)  Photos can be uploaded digitally or shipped to us for scanning and we'll return safe to you. Even though we've embraced technology, we promise to keep it personal.