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Happiest Days

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

little kid coloring
Zoe made this for me after an epic meltdown

Interviewing people about their lives has given me a unique perspective on life. I can't help but note the similarities, draw conclusions, and then apply some of this keen insight to my own life.

A common thread appears when answering the question,

“When were you happiest?”

Nearly all people (mainly older parents) respond that their fondest days were when their children were small. Those early parenting moments produce more pride than any career accomplishment ever could. I wonder if this is overly sentimental. How soon do we forget the sleepless nights, the blowout diapers, the tempers, the tantrums, and the utter chaos that having children can bring? Some would say this is how parents decide on a second child— short-term memory loss.

I think about these truths as I battle with our second child, five years old, and equal parts sweet and spicy. She is my equal in many ways: stubborn, sensitive, and hilarious. As much as I want to pull out my hair some days, I wonder whether I’m living my happiest days right now—how fleeting and finite! How do you savor them when your house is a mess, you have 10 loads of wash ahead of you, a work deadline to meet, and now you're running late to pick them up at school?

I've decided it's hard to savor it while you're living it. You just have to live your days and hope in the end, your good memories outweigh the bad. So carpe those diems. We are not guaranteed tomorrow and yesterday is already old news. Here's to many “happiest days” ahead.

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