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Small Business = Big Heart

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Today is Small Business Saturday, which has me thinking about what what makes a small business special and what differentiates us from our larger competitors. When you shop small, you're getting a more personal touch in whatever you're buying. It's knowing WHO you're buying from, and WHERE your products are coming from. It's about a fair wage for a job well done, and it's about giving something special and unique to your loved ones that they won't find anywhere else. Shopping small is shopping thoughtfully, which is much different than the one-click purchases so many of us make lately.

There are a ton of small businesses I will be supporting this holiday season. Not because it's convenient or a deal, but because I know how much heart is poured into their work. I know that every sale counts, and every client is well cared for.

This holiday, I challenge you to do the same. Shop with your heart. Seek out local companies and small businesses who align with your values and support them with your wallets, not just a "like" on social media. There is nothing SMALL about what you will receive in return!


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