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Assuming People Know Your Story

I've encountered a lot of obstacles to capturing life stories, one of which is 'My family already knows everything.' Trust me, they don't. Even if they've heard the story about how Mom and Dad met 100 times, does that mean the kids will know the story or will remember it once Grandma and Grandpa are gone? Time has a way of softening the edges of key memories. If not captured in a loved ones' words and photos, these important stories become like a game of telephone. The repeated story becomes so far from the actual facts that it becomes obsolete.

Whether it's a career trajectory, mealtime memories or family legends, there are so many moments to capture in an everyday life that will be meaningful to your larger family.

One recent client, a proud Italian-American discussed his family's Christmas Eve traditions with one line: 'Well of course there was the seven fishes..." I then had to ask him to break it down for me, since I had no clue what he was talking about. Will the grandkids know what this means? Some of these traditions are repeated for future generations, but other traditions fade away, which makes stories about them all the more precious and valuable.

Maybe it's time to preserve your family's life stories! We're booking holiday clients right now since good things take time. Book today and have a life story book ready to open this holiday.


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