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Capturing the Past is the Greatest Present

Remote interview client, talking of her grandchildren

One of the few upsides to the global pandemic was this small business was busier than ever as families looked for new and unique ways to come together. Capturing stories became a lifeline from grandparents to grandkids, parents to children. Our mission? To make that easier through careful and personal interviews. Sure, families receive a stunning book of stories and photos at the end of working with us, but they also experience our unique process of making a family memoir: sitting for interviews, reviewing copy and photo selections, and being as involved as they want to be.

As we enter into the holiday season and with so many commercials, ads, and sales vying for your attention, consider that perhaps this year, the past is the greatest present you can give.

But don't take our word for it. Here are a few comments we received from clients over the past year. We are honored and privileged to serve each and every family.

"It was a wonderful experience and brought back so many memories that I had forgotten. Nora was wonderful at helping me tell my story. I felt like we had a very personal relationship throughout the process."

“I'm so grateful that my children had this book of my life made for me. I will treasure this gift as one of the most memorable that I have ever received.”

"Memoir for Me was great about keeping us on schedule without being too pushy, and we got a fantastic amount of details out of it--may of which the family had never heard before!"

"Nora patiently worked with several members of our family who live in different cities. All interaction was remote, but despite this, she kept it very personal and successfully captured my mom`s rich history."

"I loved the leather-bound cover and the quality of the pages. My grandchildren have enjoyed reading about me. This is worth every penny."

Don't let the chance to capture your family stories slip away. Book now and make the past a present under your tree this year. Your family will have a wonderful project to look forward to in the New Year!

In-person interview client, discussing family values


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