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Father Knows Best

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Dads have stories and they also know how to craft a good one-liner. Since Father's Day is June 20, we wanted to honor the dads and father figures we've met this past year, either directly or though memories. As one of them said, 'Take this as more information you can stick in your brain and sort it out later.' Perhaps Dad really does know best! Here are some of our favorite lines:

"Someone once told me that I could sell a bucket of dirt to somebody and come away with the bucket."

"Associate with good people and chase your dreams, but recognize crap when it's coming at you and duck."

"Most of the time it is my Dad I picture watching over me like a guardian angel, shaking his head from time to time but never leaving my side. There have certainly been moments when I looked up and asked him to close his eyes and not see my idiot antics. But he remains there beside me."

"I play the bull with my grandkids. They get on my back and I try to buck them off. They all yell, 'POPPY! DO THE BULL!' I love it. It's become a family tradition."

"I loved to be outside with my dad, working in the garden with him picking strawberries and various vegetables. If he was doing work around the house, I was right there beside him."

"Even after a full day of work, Dad would come home and throw the baseball or football to my brothers and me for hours in our backyard."

"I call myself Coach. I try to stay hands off, but will help my sons [in business] with the numbers and try to prevent them from making big mistakes."

"All of us who are parents can identify. You are asleep and the quiet is broken with the sudden cries of your baby. No matter how tired you are, how comfy-cozy you are, you answer the call. You get up, you go to their room, and you do all you can to quiet their cries and soothe their distress. There are times we do it out of their persistence, but in the end, we do it out of love."

"I only speak so that others can practice the art of interruption."

"My dad took a bus, a ferry, and another bus to his city job, which he enjoyed, but the weekend catering work was horrible. He worked for tips and low wages and would come home just spent. Three boys in prep school cost a lot--that's why he worked so hard and where I got my work ethic."

"My dad was pretty much always right. He was incredibly smart and taught me about hard work and doing things the right way--not taking shortcuts. If you made something and it wasn't quite level, he'd tell you to make it again."

"My dad had a dry, wry sense of humor where you could never really tell whether or not he was kidding you. Too often in the past few years, I have caught myself in the middle of a joke and realize I sound just like Dad--I have become my father and that is such a good thing."

"My grandchildren really bring it home for me. They are the twinkle in my eye. This book is the story of my first 75 years. It's now up to them to make their own history."

"My dad enjoyed his work. He left for the office every morning by 6 or 6:30 and came home whistling up the driveway around 5:30 each night."

"I told my kids you can buy any pet you want, as long as when it dies from your neglect, it can be flushed down the toilet."

"Am I the luckiest man in the world? I think so, and I wouldn't change a thing."

To all our dads and father figures out there working hard to provide and care for the next generation, a huge Happy Father's Day to you. Put your feet up, enjoy some grilled meat, and wear that gifted tie or "NUMBER ONE DAD" t-shirt with pride. A special heavenly shout out to my father, Bob Walsh, who treated me like a princess while also reminding me that nothing good happens after midnight. His life inspired me to start this business. And cheers also go out to my husband, Russ Kerr, who is our master planner of meals and adventures. I couldn't do this without you.


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