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Favorite Kid

Client photo, 1940

Are you the favorite kid in your family? Families of all sizes bring unique dynamics. Birth order, number of siblings, age of parents, all contribute to the unique mess of factors that develop our personalities and shape who we become.

Have you ever considered what this has done to your own parents or grandparents? I've interviewed both of my parents and each had very interesting things to say about growing up with siblings. Stories came out that brought new insight into life with those aunts and uncles we often take for granted in our lives.

This holiday season, if you have family gathering, ask them about their family dynamics growing up:

  • Who was the golden child?

  • Who shared a room?

  • Who fought the most and who became allies?

  • Did they look up to any sibling?

  • Who had the best clothes?

  • Who taught them the most?

Want to be the star in your own family? Give a loved one the experience of a life story package from Memoir for Me. That will get the whole family talking and you may just secure the title of 'Most Thoughtful' for the best gift this holiday season!


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