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What's Timeless?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

It's already August which means summer 2021 is nearly over. Good grief, how did that happen? Our family has had plenty of fun on bikes, at the beach, and at the ballpark--which sounds a lot like the summer vacations of our interviews, memories from the early and mid 1900s. It's had me thinking, what's timeless? Many of us focus a lot on what's changed over the years, some with a sense of resentment, clinging to the idea of the 'good old days' with wistful nostalgia. The kids are too different, technology is everywhere, and priorities are out of whack. But what about classic bits of pure Americana that have stood the test of time? Those are stories worth saving. Like that one memorable summer job... “It was a big deal to get away from the city in the summer and I got a job working at one of the resorts in the Catskills. I thought about writing a book of stories about the characters working there and the clientele--it could make for a great comedy series. The cook’s father played the mandolin in the dining room and every night he sang the same song. I can still sing it." Or playing pretend in the backyard....

“We’d put on plays in the backyard, tying a rope between two trees and then put a blanket up for our makeshift curtain and stage. My girlfriends and I were extremely talented. We could all do cartwheels, and I could even stand on my head.” Do these lines from recent projects feel true and timeless to you? Some things never change and there's something beautiful about that. Life stories can transcend time and bridge generations. Your summer break may not be all that different from Grandma and Grandpa's. I challenge you to ask your loved ones about their summer memories at the next family reunion or BBQ, create connection, and prepare to be entertained!


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